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A perfect ski tour for beginners leads right past the Höllenstein hut.
Now you can decide:
You stop by for a quick drink, refresh and keep going;
or take a little longer, treat yourself to a well deserved meal, enjoy the view over a beer, take your time in the cozy atmophere?!

 you can find the map as a PDF..

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Skitourenlenkung Tuxertal
Tafel Hllenstein 02072020


Ski touring routes around the Höllensteinhütte are now even more attractive!

As part of a ski tour control project, the existing ski tours around the Loschbodenalm and the Höllensteinhütte were upgraded.

From Juns - there is now an official parking facility next to the helicopter station.
The path up to our hut has been widened, making it even more accessible to adventurers looking for different and exciting routes up the mountain
And from the hut onwards, the routes in the direction of “Kreuzjoch” or “Am Flach” have been noticeably improved.


Mostly Cloudy



Mostly Cloudy
Humidity: 0.98%
Wind: SW at 2.24 M/S
Thursday 9.55°C / 20.79°C SP_WEATHER_সম্ভাবিত_হাল্কা_বৃষ্টি_বিকেল_এর_সময়ে
Friday 7.07°C / 14.77°C SP_WEATHER_বৃষ্টি_দুপুর_এবং_বিকেল_এর_সময়ে
Saturday 6.11°C / 20.82°C SP_WEATHER_সারাদিন_পরিষ্কার


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